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Cape Maeda | The best snorkeling site in Okinawa.

※Cape Maeda is a spectacular site, but please make safety a priority.

  1. Cape Maeda Facility Management Office manages ONLY the property. We are NOT responsible for any water accidents. Guests are required to take full responsibility for their own acts and accidents.
  2. Life jackets and/or floating belts must be worn when snorkeling.
  3. No swimming is allowed when the Cape Maeda Facility Management Office closes the stairs to the water due to severe weather or bad sea conditions.



There has been an increase in the number of incidents involving people jumping from the cliff walls inside the cave into the sea below. This is extremely dangerous to anyone swimming, snorkeling, or SCUBA diving inside the cave. The staff of Cape Maeda requests all visitors to please refrain from any such activities.

Please do not park along the street.
Local residents would like all guests visiting the Cape Maeda area, including the beaches, to park their vehicles in the designated parking area of Cape Maeda.

Parking along the street causes traffic problems and also poses difficulties for local farmers trying to access their farmland.

Okinawa Prefecture Onna village Maeda 469-1

Map code that can be used in car navigation
system (206 062 685 * 85)


Parking Availability

180 vehicle spaces
5 buses spaces (except Summer)
4 handicapped vehicle spaces

Bus spaces are available by reservation only.


Restrooms for Men, Women, Physically-Challenged

  • ◆20 Hot-Water Showers (200yen)
    10 Showers for Men
    10 Showers for Women
  • ◆Coin-Lockers (100yen)
  • ◆Changing Rooms
    3 Rooms for Men
    3 Rooms for Women
  • ◆4 Hair Dryers (100yen)
  • ◆1 Telescope (100yen)


Parking Fees

  Vehicle Bus Microbus
1 Hour 100yen 500yen 300yen
2 Hours 200yen 700yen 450yen
3 Hours 300yen 900yen 600yen
4 Hours 400yen 1,100yen 750yen
5 Hours 500yen 1,300yen 900yen
6 Hours 600yen 1,500yen 1,050yen

The Following JPY Bills CANNOT be used: 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000.
Please ask for change at the Cape Maeda Visitor’s Center Office.

Parking Fees for Buses must be paid at the Cape Maeda Visitor’s Center Office

  1st Hour Additional Hour
Vehicle 100yen 100yen
Microbus 300yen 150yen
Bus 500yen 200yen

Parking Hours

  Open Closed
January 07:00 17:30
February 07:00 17:30
March 07:00 18:00
April 07:00 18:30
May 07:00 18:30
June 07:00 19:00
July 07:00 19:00
August 07:00 19:00
September 07:00 19:00
October 07:00 18:30
November 07:00 17:30
December 07:00 17:30

Showers (subject to change)

This Month: 07:00 – 21:00 (200yen)

Coin Locker (subject to change)

This Month: 07:00 – 21:00 (100yen)

Hair Dryer (subject to change)

This Month: 08:30 – 21:00 (100yen)

Cape Maeda Visitor’s Center

Office Hours 08:30 – 21:00


(Live Camera)to Monitor Sea Conditions

Stairs to The Water

  • Flag ・・・OK to Swim
  • Flag・・・ OK to Swim ONLY with diving companies or instructors
  • Flag・・・NO SWIMMING
  • Flag・・・Tsunami Warning (NO SWIMMING)

Note: Flag colors cannot be properly shown on some mobile phones except AU.

All guests must take full responsibility for any water accidents.
※Check the weather conditions frequently


The following acts are STRICTLY PROHIBITED within the Cape Maeda area.

  1. Usage of private water tanks for showering in the parking area
  2. Dumping trash and cigarette butts
  3. Fishing with a spear (Hawaiian sling) or spear gun
  4. Cliff-Diving into the water near Cape Maeda or inside the Blue Cave
  5. Swimming during severe weather or dangerous sea conditions
  6. Disturbing the public or indecent acts
  7. Usage of beach parasols or chairs in the parking area
  8. Usage of barbeques within the Cape Maeda area
  9. Possessing a double-edged knife with a 5.5cm blade or longer (The Swords and Firearms Control Law) (Single edge is allowed.)
  10. Descending from the stairs with an inflatable boat or kayak
  11. Political or religious activities
  12. Holding onto mooring-buoys for authorized fishing/diving boats
  13. Taking or cutting of plants and flowers from the Cape Maeda area

Please follow all instructions and abide by all rules given by Facility Management and Staff